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Apple Pie Tiny Wood Stove


Designed in 2019, made in UK!

Fully cast iron, 10 year warranty on parts!

The Apple Pie range by Ekol. Whether it be for a boat, yurt, glamping pod, shepherd’s hut or just a compact fireplace, the Apple Pie can be adapted and customised to suit. This stove is ideal for small (and tiny) spaces.

With its individual styling, and multiple cooking options including stainless cooktop, top baking oven, pan supports to one or both sides as well as griddle plate and pizza shelf inside, the Apple Pie is the Swiss Army Knife of wood burning stoves.

With full cast iron construction and weighing in heavier than many stoves more than twice its size, it really is built to last.

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary air are intuitively controlled by a single air control and with extra large window, enthusiastic fire-starters and chefs can easily monitor their creations.

Made entire of cast iron

Efficiency: 81.6%

Heat output: 13.6k BTU

The stove uses a 4" chimney

The stove itself weights 136 lbs

The optional baking oven is 37 lbs

The optional stand is 42 lbs

Options explained:

The baking oven comes with 2 handles: stainless and wood. Features an adjustable height oven rack inside.

Baking oven T exceeds 400F.

All our stoves include stainless steel plates and rails! If you are not purchasing the baking oven then the plate will have a cutout for the chimney. If you are purchasing the baking oven then the plate will cover the entire baking oven, without a cutout. In this case your stove will arrive with the rear vertical flue outlet and vent vertically behind the stove - do not purchase it separately if you are purchasing the oven.

We currently offer only the color / option combinations that can find on this page, we are not taking orders for any other options.

If you decide to go for the direct air option you can use both a 3" and 4" ducting for direct air intake.

If you are ordering the baking oven then please choose color: red or almond (off white) and the stove will come in matching color as well!

Please see the last 4 images on this pages for dimensions of various configurations.

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